About Mustang Service Manual .com Goals

Our goal is to build the Mustang Service Manual.com website to be your one stop for Ford Mustang reference materials. This site will be a repository of information, service manuals, recommended books, dvds, videos, downloadable files, to help all Ford Mustang enthusiast. The Mustang was the first American "pony car" and is also the longest produced pony car in history. The Mustang is still going strong and is still one of the premier high performance muscle cars made in America.

We aim to provide you with valuable resource material to help you fix up your pride and joy, improve your cars performance, perform a high quality restoration, and help with normal maintenance and repairs.We will work to constantly expand the site with as much helpful materials as we can find that we think will prove helpful to the Mustang community.

A lot can be gained from sharing the experiences of other Mustang owners. Our plan is for this site to also provide the a gathering place for everyone to share their stories, experiences, suggestions, original advertising and related Mustang materials for the benefit of all. We hope to also provide a place to help you find that hard to locate part.

We invite you to join in the discussion by sharing your ideas, commenting on post, telling Mustang related stores and also giving us your feedback on how to improve the site.

The Mustang Legacy

In order to do our small part to honor this fantastic automobile this website will also be used to provide easy access to a large library of Mustang information, images, stories and other related documentation about the history of the Ford Mustang. We wish to commemorate the contributions of all people who were involved with bringing this car to market and keeping it in production over many decades.

If you want to share any of our photographs, stories, or other materials related to the Mustang, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to publish the information online and preserve it digitally and share it with others across the globe.

Join the Fun and Share Information

We hope you will choose to join in the discussion here on this site by commenting on articles, participating in the forums and sharing your stogies and ideas about the greatest pony car ever, the Ford Mustang. If you would like to contact us directly please use our contact page and we will respond as quickly as possible.