Looking for high quality, reasonably priced connecting rods?

If you are rebuilding your Mustang engine, or any high performance or racing engine, then you will likely be looking to replace the original connecting rods. Modern H beam steel connecting rods are far stronger then the OEM parts and the prices are reasonable when you compare them to doing a full rebuild on an old set of rods. Molnar Technologies specializes in high performance connecting rods and crankshafts. Their rods are made from 4340 grade billet steel and are of H beam design which are bushed to accept full floating type piston wrist pins. They also come with extremely strong ARP2000 series hardware.

Often times the rods are overlooked during a rebuild, which can lead to catastrophic problems down the road. The connecting rods in your engine are one of the most highly stressed components as they are subjected to compression and extension, along with many other forces trying to pull the rods in several different directions. Installing top quality components like Molnar Technologies h beam connecting rods will help insure many years of trouble free operation.

When you are planning your rebuild, check out the Molnar piston rods. They are available for a wide range of engines, in standard as well as lengths to work with stroker cranks and other unique performance build ups.